6 Keys for getting temporarily remote teams back together

When Covid-19 struck, entrepreneurs did all they could to keep people safe. Concerned for their employees and customers, they acted quickly and sent their teams home. As the economy reopens, entrepreneurs are now asking their teams to head back to the office. But without the virus vanquished, bringing people back safely isn’t as easy as...

Latest product news – September 2020

I’d like to thank you—our small business, accountant and bookkeeper community—for the feedback you provide our teams on the Xero features you use every day. Our latest features are a testament to this feedback, and we hope they make things a little easier for you during these difficult times. Don’t forget, registrations for Xero On...

Starting a Business That People Need

All businesses succeed by solving real problems, but most people have no idea where to start. How do you pick the products or services you’ll turn into your problem-solving enterprises? Here’s an idea I can roughly guarantee: Look at the work you’ve done in the past. Where were the choke points? What were problems people […]
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