Client Information Newsletter – Tax & Super – August 2021

What the new Your Future, Your Super means for you Recent legislative reforms to the superannuation arena are set to change the retirement savings landscape for many Australians. The Federal Government says the Your Future, Your Super reforms will help ensure superannuation works in the best financial interests of all  Australians by removing...

interAcct Client Information Newsletter – Tax & Super – June 2021

The tax treatment of cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies, once again surging in popularity, have a unique tax treatment that every taxpayer dealing with cryptocurrency should be aware of. It’s been more than 10-years since the advent of bitcoin and the term “cryptocurrency” entered the public consciousness. However, neither bitcoin nor the many...

Federal Budget 2021-22

The Government has decided not to go down the austerity path, which will be a relief for many taxpayers and businesses. Rather, the Government has decided to put its foot on the accelerator with the hope that the growth in the economy over a long period of time will help to pay down the debt […]

Latest product news – March 2021

This month, we’ve focused on enhancing our existing products on the Xero platform. Our teams use the ‘test, learn, refine’ principle to continuously improve the features you use every day, so you can streamline your accounting work and grow your business.

6 Keys for getting temporarily remote teams back together

When Covid-19 struck, entrepreneurs did all they could to keep people safe. Concerned for their employees and customers, they acted quickly and sent their teams home. As the economy reopens, entrepreneurs are now asking their teams to head back to the office. But without the virus vanquished, bringing people back safely isn’t as easy as...
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